Phase 1 - Grass & Path

Research shows that when children have regular contact with nature, they learn and grow better - physically, developmentally, and in relationship to the natural world. Across the country, elementary schools are transforming their outdoor spaces into nature-rich environments that bring numerous benefits to children....and now Prescott will be doing the same.
Phase 1 of the Prescott Park & Outdoor Classroom includes removing the pea-gravel from the playground and putting grass in its place. Pea-gravel is hard to run on and most kids stay off the fields because of this. Plus the gravel gets tracked all over the school in kids' shoes and is hard to clean up.
Phase 1 also includes the addition of a walking path. Before recess, every student must run a lap around the playground. Right now, they must do it on the uncomfortable gravel. With the path, this task will be easier and more enjoyable. The path also will be utilized by the Prescott Community. With Milder Manor down the street and a very walk-conscious neighborborhood like the historic Near South, the path will be a wonderful benefit to everyone in the area to use.
The last part of Phase 1 includes installing berm areas in the grassy field. The berms will create great spaces for audiences to watch performances, concerts, and sporting events on the playground. Berms also help direct rain water and runoff into our rain garden and our new natural areas. They're also fun to run and roll down!
Approved LPS path plans:
First draft of path plans: